How Asana Built The Best Company Culture In Tech

Tech culture has the reputation for long hours, intense competition, and little time for reflection.

But Asana, a workplace-productivity management company founded by former Facebookers and Googlers, couldn’t be further from this stereotype.

The company is built on the idea that mindfulness, clear communication, and compassion are all critical to long-term success. Asana has become known for its radically inclusive, positive work environment.

This approach has paid off. Asana received a rare perfect rating on Glassdoor and a spot on Glassdoor’s Top 10 Best Places to Work in 2017. The company was also named one of Entrepreneur magazine’s best workplace cultures of 2017.

For founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, this was the goal from the start. When the two former Facebook engineers sat down to build their new company in 2008, they drafted two things before anything else: Asana’s codebase and the company’s core values.

The values included things like healthy work-life balance, inclusiveness, embracing mindfulness and equanimity, taking responsibility, and always communicating openly and honestly.

But while countless startups dream of an open atmosphere full of collaboration, that type of environment is extremely challenging to implement. For too many businesses, culture becomes viewed as something that will form naturally with enough free lunches and ping-pong tables.

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