Inspiring Women: Why You Need To Know Elizabeth Chambers Hammer

Looking at Elizabeth Chambers Hammer's career and accomplishments, it's hard not to be impressed. She's a business owner, journalist and philanthropist, and has a successful TV career as a judge on two cable network shows. Plus, she is a regular on the TODAY show — WOW, right? Those facts aside, what most impressed us was that in addition to being a total boss, she is also a wife (of actor Armie Hammer) and mother of two children. She's a real woman, who is doing real and big things.

Elizabeth is Chief Correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation, her involvement in which she attributes to her career beginnings at a national news network (more about that later). She is an active supporter of various organizations, such as STOP CANCER and The Hammer Museum, and is the founder of San Antonio-based BIRD Bakery, which has an additional location in Dallas. As an avid baker, Elizabeth opened BIRD Bakery not only to fill the need for high-quality and homemade treats, but also to honor her late grandmother who owned a catering company of her own, just down the street for the original location in San Antonio.

Through my discussion with Elizabeth, it was undeniably clear that regardless of the endeavor or commitment, she executes everything with passion, intention, and integrity. We spoke to Elizabeth about her passions, and how she juggles her career and business while still keeping family a top priority.

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